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Transform walls of the room with Wall Texture and Stencils with a fantastic look. Texture painting service of walls is the most sort after, for a quick makeover. Whether you love the feel of those casual denims or want to experience African Safari or recreate a custom design on your walls, our amazing artists and designers magically transform plain walls into fantastic texture patters. Select best textures patterns. Select best textures/stencils/art, metallic or non-metallic, for your walls.

Book our texture wall painting service. Flaunt your style. Make a statement with professional texture painting service. Melb Painting Specialists are just a call away.

Some types of Texture Painting Service

Sand Painting

Materials: Thick white paper, glue and sand.

Method: Apply the glue with a paintbrush creating the shapes you want. Before it dries cover the picture with sand and let it dry. Then take off the remained sand

Printing Textures

Materials: Thick white paper and tempera painting.

Subject: A range of materials (cotton, paper, plastic, a leave, etc.)

Method: Paint the materials with any colour and press them softly onto the paper surface,

Rubbings Textures

In this exercise, you’ll start to explore the connection between touching and drawing.

Materials: Paper of varying weight and colour, soft pencil or chalk.

Subject: A range of rough surfaces.

Method: Place a piece of paper directly on the surface you intend to take the rubbing form, and then use a soft pencil to rub on the paper.